They were childhood friend, James was a typical boy next door type, and Nenet was an average funny lady. For years James kept his admiration to Nenet, but when they started going to collage, James finally express his feelings. It took five months before she said yes. They were happy. Everyday James would pick up Nenet to send her to school before he goes to Feati where he is studying.  For two years they were like that. It was a cloud nine experience. Nenent build her dreams and life around James. Then one day James broke up with nenet. Telling her he had fallen out of love and then she found out that she was replaced by a girl from USt taking up Education. She was devastated. She turned into drugs and alcohol. She wasn’t able to go to school that year. She was so lost. Her body fell apart and her life was in chaos. Falling out of love is okay but cheating you with another woman is not. She feels so ugly and uselss. After a year she finally came into her senses. She go back to school,finish her studies then work. She later found out that the girl from ust left James for another guy. She feels sad upon hearing the news, She still loves James but decided to move on with her life. At work she met Ramon, A not so passionate guy. She feel inlove with Ramon right that instant. After a year they decided to get married. She was 26. After a year she gave birth to lois. After giving birt she realize she wasn’t happy. Yes, she loves Ramon but Ramon wasn’t expressive enough. Throughout their relationship things seems to be just like a partnership. They have 3 kids now but to this day she haven’t received any flower, no fancy notes or card no sweet moment and no dinner date during anniversaries. She felt unloved. She was lonely. Everyday she cries because of these. She was then a funny lady but the laughter was slowly fading because of the loneliness that she feel. She wanted top leave him, but was thingking of the kids.

–          I met Nenet when I was alone having coffee. She asked if she could share the table with me because she desperately need to light a stick. She’s with her 16 year old daughter Lois who is taking up Commerce in UST.

–          We were sharing each other stories.

–          I thought I was lonely, I didn’t realize she is in greater pain. Me. Im still young I still have  a life and a  chance to make my life better, but Nenet is 43, logically its already to late for her.

–          She likes how I view my relationship. And how humbly I admit that I am just human and I make mistakes. She likes that I try to work things out, so in the end there is no regret.

Some words from Nenet

–         She told me not to do anything that you’ll regret for the rest of your life. Something that will destroy you

–         It takes two to tango and a relationship is a two way street, you have to work it together , not just you.

–         Don’t just give up on the person you love, fight as long as you can, the result may be bad, but in the end at least you give your best.

–         Because your young you would do a lot of things, learn from your mistakes, but do not do them again.

–         Girl needs affection, they need to feel love. And everyone deserves it. You deserve it.

–         Its okay to feel numb at times, but don’t make it a habit.

–         If you feel like crying, cry. That’s the least you can do. No one can tell you shouldn’t cry if you’re hurting, let it out, you may look ugly but it will make you feel better.

–         Express everything, don’t make another silly mistake if you don’t want to grow old like me

–         If he truly loves you, he will be sensitive enough  on your needs.

–         Everyone makes mistakes

At  9:00pm she bid me adieu. They have to go home already. I thank her for sharing her stories with me. Till next time.