Since im being suppressed by my ole bastard boss, i decided this is the only space i can tell everything without being questioned.

Due to my company’s reorganization my old boss who is very nice and very trusting one was replaced.

I been hearing a lotof things  about him before we met, his attitude, his style, his unavailability to deliver and his abbraiseveness. Honestly, I wasnt afraid of those stories, i haven’t met him so judging him would be unfair.

On our first meeting, he was serious and it seems to me that he was  irritated. He wasn’t smiling at all. If I am to judge whether she likes the reorganization by merely looking at him on our first meeting i can tell that he doesnt like it.

We had a one on one meeting thats kinda like an interview. He asked me a lot of things about my experiences and with his tone, my impression was he is  not convenience on my experiences alone.

He has been my boss for 5 months now, and until now i still don’t like him. im listing the reason why.

1. He asked us to make a work plan every monday and a detailed  accomplishment report every friday. – Accomplishmnt report is okay with me, but work plan ….

2.Aside from the Work Plan and Accomplishment for the week, we are also asked to write all our activities in our calendar which happen to be in a  white board

3. He keep on insisting the process audit and IQA is the same, and all that is being done in IQA should also be done in process audit like Audit Plan, Audit Checklist

4. He doesn’ t know how to respect his people. He wont ask if you have an activity for the day, he will just changd everything because he asked you to do something that his boss ask him to do, dut he doesnt know how

5. He doesn;t know how to complimt his people

6. He always look for something wrong, even if you already did what he asked you.

7. His fickle minded

8. He insist on everything he wants

9. He makes tule susch as QM must sit together during company activities.

10. He insist on things like this is work and thir are ruls when in fact he alone doesn’t follow

10. He gets mad when we submit late report, when in fact he return our submitted report very very much late than what we did.

11. I can’t comment on th spaces provided for me as  an employee