May 10, ’08 2:45 PM;

I remember Greg Reichow, SunPowers’s VP for Operations, once said in a speech that Sunpower cells are from the Philippines and is distributed throughout the world. Indeed, not only Sunpower cells are in demand in different parts of the world but also their employees. Let’s not mention its employees trainings and trips to USA, Europe, Japan, Sinagpore, China, Netherlands and many more. SunPower once in a while sends their employees for trainings and other business transactions. I have nothing bad to say about my former Employer, In fact all I can say are beautiful things about them. How they perfect to manage the company and how well they pamper their employees. Well, maybe not that much but compared to the other companies in the Philippines, I can say that SunPower is the best place you can ever be in. Maybe some would say that I only say these things because it is my first company, but based on the stories that people have told me, well I wouldn’t want to be in their companies. SunPower is a good place to be, not only because everyone is young and active, but because it is easier to understand one another simply because we are all Engineering graduates. That makes the conversations easier. Problems may not easily be solved but things are working well because employees take things easier. My previous boss, once told me that “it’s okay here in Sunpower. In my previous company, when there’s a problem, people gets mad with one another. They throw thing to one another and say something bad about each other. Here, people just laugh”. I can’t imagine what could happen to me if I had been a part of a company like that. Well, maybe I won’t last that long. Or Maybe, I wouldn’t go to work anymore. Well, If I’m not so ambitious I wouldn’t want to leave SunPower specially my FAB 2 QA family. I have learned to love them. And they are so great to me. But because I wanted something more, I’m here now in foreign land, trying to be strong to the trials that I still have to take.

Former SunPower employees are everywhere, I don’t know if they really are good or Filipinos are simply talented and intelligent people. I know some former SPML employees who are now in Australia, Dubai, USA, China and of course Singapore. I Know a lot of former SPML employess now working here in SG. And I keep on meeting some of them here. In the recent Job Fair that I Attended, someone asked me if I’m from SPWR, and because I don’t know him, I answered him with a question “ Why? Are you from SPWR? And he said YES, I looked at his face and it suddenly became familiar. He was telling me his supervisor, but I wasn’t interested with that. My next question was “Who is your ex girlfriend in SPWR?” Well, I was right, after he mentioned her ex’s name, it became so familiar….ohh I remember you were Nancy’s ex boy friend and Joann too. Well Nancy took my place as a QA Tech. And he said with a little bitterness : At last she was promoted” Well I said “that’s life. How about you?” He said he is already working in a place here in Singapore, but didn’t mention anything about his work. Then just lately on my way to work someone called me with my Sunpower name “margaux”. I know his face but I can’t remember his name, he said he was also working and there was no chance for him to resign from SPWR since he was immediately needed in his new job. He is also with a former spwr employee whom I barely know. Just a while ago, I went to a walk-in interview, when sudednly a man approached me and asked if I was theresa? I stared at him at and asked why? He asked “You’re from spwr ,right? Again, I answered him with a question and asked “why? Are you from sunpower?”, he said yes and I asked what process he was from. After he answered, that’s the time that I said yes, I was also from SPWR. I also asked why he knows me, well it turned out that he was one of the people I have dealt with but can’t even remember his face.. Well, there are still a lot of former spml employees who are already working here in SG but I haven’t seen all of them, but maybe when I decide that I would stay longer, I will get to meet them. Who knows I might just bump on them one time. Singapore is a very small country, so who knows…