POSTED AT: wannabooh.multiply.comMay 2, 2008  

Marami na akong nakilala na gusto akong iconvert, nde ko alam kung anong mali sakin. Siguro ayaw nila sa mga choices ko sa buhay, pero ano bang mali? Sino bang ngsabi na mali ako? at sino ba ang nagsabi na tama sila? Dahil ba nde ako sumusunod sa norms na society natin o dahil masyadong kakaiba ang mga gusto ko? Lately may nkasama akong halos isampal sa mukha ko na mali ang gingawa ko, well she’s not telling me that right on my face, but she was using words i hate. She was telling me that one day mararamdaman ko na kailangan ko na mging tama. Well sa isang banda she may be right one day I might feel that, but she might also be wrong. Baka nde namna dumating yun sakin. I think, humans main responsibility is not to procreate, but to live his life meaningfully. ANd how can you do that? simply by choosing what can make you happy and what could give a meaning to your life.

I think human are blessed in so many ways… We have the ability to think… to feel and to choose. I think we are given this special power for a lot of reason. Not only because He want us to be different but because He want us to think of what we think is right and what could make us happy. We are lucky enough that once we grow older, we can choose of whatever we want in life.

If I am to choose between being right and being happy. Well, Definetly I would choose the latter. Difference? Some people I know always tell me that by doing the right thing they become happy. Well, maybe yes, but it doesn’t apply to all aspects in life. I have been living for almost 25 years now. I will not say that I have experienced everything in life, but I think it’s quite enough for me to know what is really right and what is just being righteous. For example, I am not a  religous person, I don’t go to mass frequently, but I believe Him. I call for his guidance. and I call him for blessings. This is me, that is just how I practice my faith.  I  despise people who go to mass frequently but think of nothing but how they could do harm to other people.

All in all, I think more than being right He want us to be happy. Happiness varies. My happiness could not be yours, Yours could never be mine. DO NOT impose things on me. I have my own brain and my own life.  If you want to burn yourself into loneliness just because you think that is the right thing to do, well GO….

I have nothing against people who want to choose the right thing just for the sake of being right.  that is your choice..I think I’m old enough to decide for myself….