POSTED AT: wannabooh.multiply.comApril 24, 2008  

Case No. 1

I don’t know whether we really are stupid people or we just have bad lucks on doors. Our first door trouble happened in Singapore. We rented a room at blk 394 yishun Avenue 6. When we arrived, I already noticed that the door was kinda old, it makes an awful sound when you close and open it. And when you try to lock the door you need lots of effort for you to eventually lock it. And then one day, it happened. We went outside to buy some food and toiletries when we reached home, Dindy immediately got the key to open our door. To her dismay she wasn’t able to open it. She was furious,and so she exerted more effort.Then it opened, but she could no longer remove the keys from the door knob. It was stuck and we do’n t know why. The metal that is supposed to be moving was kept inside.Luckily, our landlord really thought it was old enough and they already need to change it. We spent some days sleeping with an unlocked door. But eventually, our landlord changed the door knob and now our lock is working very well.

Case No. 2

Just recently we exit Singapore and went to Seri Alam Johor Malaysia. We stayed with the former officemate of Dindy’s cousin. He was nice. We almost made him a driver because he dropped off and picked us up wherever we go. So…Malaysia, this is the location of our second door trouble. I don’t know if all the houses in Malaysia are like this but in the house where we stayed there were two doors. One metal door that won’t automatically lock if you close it and one wooden door that has the same feature. Well, its not like the common door with the YALE signature. It’s the more complicated one and it is now being used by people who want more security at home. Because Kuya amboy(he is the owner of the house and is the former officemate of Dind’ys cousin, Kuya Anot) has a job and his own activities, he left us a key in case we want to go outside. Remember that you cannot just lock the door, you have to have a key to do it. We were then having a hard time figuring out how to load our Singapore sim when we decided to go out and just load up the sim card that kuya amboy has lend us. We then opened the wooden door, it was easier because you can just click it. But the metal door needs a key for you to open and lock it. It didn’t take us a minute to open the metal door. But when we were locking the metal door, we had a hard time on doing it. Is it clockwise or counter clockwise? We then decided to see how it works first then we figured out that we have to rotate the key clockwise to lock it. We were so excited that as if we were kids who just learned a new trick. But the problem was, we can’t remove the key from the key hole. We tried our very best but it was stuck and we don’t know why.We started to get worried, because we were so ashamed of Kuya Amboy. Then with all her power, Dindy eventually removed the key from the hole. But then, again, we couldn’t lock the door, we couldn’t even move the metal that is supposed to lock it. I think we spent an hour trying to move it in anyway we can, we were even thinking that if that was our door, Dindy could have already opened the whole thing with a screwdriver. After all the effort of trying, we eventually gave up and just talked about why things happen. Maybe it meant something. Maybe we should just stay at home. Then we also talked about who and how we were going to tell kuya mboy about it. After 30 or 45 mins, our long wait is over. Kuya amboy came with his girlfriend, i waited until he comes near the door. When i saw him. I immediately and defensively explained what happen. He had his own key and tried to do it and he easily unlocked the metal door. He did it flawlessly. I was surprised and was relieved at the same time. I thought, we will be asked to leave because of our stupidity or they would always remember that sometime in their life they gave a shelter to two young ladies who destroyed their door and had caused them money…