October 29, 2007

Isn’t it funny that no matter how hard we try to seek approval and acceptance from the people around us, still we can’t have their side. Just how can we convince them that what we have is special , When they don’t even want to believe that we  are real. That we truly exist. That there is nothing wrong with us. That we are not possessed with anything. We are what we wanted to be. But still we are your classmate, your sister, your friend, your grand daughter, your cousin, your niece and your daughter.  How can one be so blind to things and evidences that is right in front of her. Ignoring and denying will not make any sense for sooner or later facts should be accepted. Changes should be done. Holding back would not be helpful at all. Reality is reality. And you cant change it by simply telling us what is acceptable and normal. For standards are just made by people who dont have a vivid idea on  living and loving. Idealistic people chooses to be right than to be happy(not everyone ). What is the sense of living in democracy if everything is dictated to you. Democracy and Freedom, this is our choice, our life, our happines