December 20, 2007

Sometimes i feel so lucky to have everything i ever wanted, every support i ever needed, and every love i deserve. I admit i’ve never been a good daughter, i usually have less time for them but only in the aspect..they are and they will always be the most important part of my being. Though we rarely see each  other, i still feel their unconditional love..The concern and the support they have for me to all the things i ever wanna do…except that they say…that i have to much things on my list…that my lifetime couldn’t do it all…But still no matter how impossible things are, i know they want me to be happy..and they are willing to support me, for love…

When i made a choice of what life to live in, a lot of people disagree maybe not through the words they utter , but with their action u know they want u to change.. This includes both families that we belong in… u feel that u are accepted as their child as a friend as a classmate but never a partner..We’ve been through difficult times in asking for acceptance. We learned to be brave inspite of all the trials, the hearthache and pain of being different.But i think patience really paid well..slowly…i feel that things are getting much better  now…I am now being considered for family things…How is that?heheheh.. i feel really good about this…and this is one of best gifts that i recieved.


Im a moody, hard headed stubborn lass. Yes i am. I am aware of that..i do not need to pretend that i am something else im not, i do what i want , i can swing my mood no matter how many times i want to. and as long as i want to… this is my attitude that a lot of people may dislike about me…but for dy it is something she makes fun of. she always say ” Bakit ba ang sungit mo e wla naman akong gingawa sayo?” then i would reply ” Wla nga! e ganon tlga e” masungit kahit wala nman dapat sungitan” Then she would laugh and say ” Ay! aware ka Pala Maybe she is already used to this attitude of mine…She had learned to love it even it’s not desirable at all. I know it’s not funny all the im trying to do my best to minimize it,,hahhaha..i hope i could..i hope..