January 8, 2008

someone sent me this tru e-mail…(thanks jessie )

i believe that there is no such thing as perfect relationship..because if there is…the world would be so pleasant that human would no longer be interesting…hehhe..

below email is really helpful…i think..i haven’t tried

i just thought this is a nice thing to share….so i posted it..posting and doing are two different things..just like saying and doing…harharar

secret to a long lasting realtionship

1. TALK. Always in a pleasant tones. No shouting or swearing at each
other. Speak only positive words with gentleness and kindness.
Communicate daily. This is the highest and most caring form of

2. WALK TOGETHER more. Take 30 minutes a day. To exercise, Communicate,
release emotions, share ideas, goals, and to clear up any
misunderstandings. It’s okay to hold hands, too!

3. Do NEW and DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES together. Enjoy a new restaurant, a
different dish, a concert, a unique vacation, attend class to
get her something exciting both of you can plan and look forward to.
Learn together and you’ll be happier.

4. Give each other GIFTS often. Like a magazine subscription, a special
book, a warm bath and massage, flowers, surprise experiences,
favorite foods, and the many other special things your mate would
enjoy and get excited about.

5. Write LOVE NOTES. Hide them around the home — in clothing pockets,
in the kitchen drawer and secret places. Send some to his or her
working place. Write a passionate love letter. Express your love in
writing on exquisite stationery. Attach a gift certificate or a crisp $100
or P1000 bill. Use your imagination and make it a fun surprise.
And do it often!

6. DO NOT CRITICIZE, CONDEMN or COMPLAIN! This is a NO-NO. Only praises.
Acknowledge the goodness in each other. There is no place for negativity
in a loving and lasting relationship ever! Your mate will do the right
thing — as you lead by example.

7. ACHIEVE and MAINTAIN your IDEAL figure. It is a gift to yourself and
your mate. A healthy and attractive body also promotes a healthy

8. Allow your partner to be RESPONSIBLE for his or her life. He or she
has the right to determine his or her own reality and destiny.
Always respect that choice. Both of you can live your lives in your own
way harmoniously. Treasure each other’s differences. Do your very best to
make life easier and more fun for your mate.

9. Grow TOGETHER. At the same speed and direction — by sharing similar
ideas and activities. This will bond you together even more while
building on fond memories. (People who don’t grow together will
complete their relationship and move on to lead separate lives. This is why
most people divorce.

10. DO NOT be POSSESSIVE. Don’t act as though you “own” your mate.
Support; encourage each other’s way of living and individual
interests. Be grateful in harmony.

11. TREASURE your TIME together. It could be your last. Look at it this
way and you’ll always appreciate each other even more. Have NO
reason for regrets. Spend time with each other doing all the things you
both love to do. Do it now! Tomorrow may not come. So together — plan now
for the best of the rest of your lives.

12. It is OKAY to DO whatever pleases BOTH of you. In private, there are
no limits on what you can do together with each other…as long
as both benefit and agree. Whatever other people think of what you
do or say is none of your business! So, go ahead experiment — and satisfy
other to the limits.

13. Be OPEN. To new ideas, experiences, and relationships. This is the
way for fun, growth and expansion in your lives. The more you
LEARN together…the happier you both will be. The past at every moment.
Live in the present. Plan for the future — together…and joyously!

14. Be FREE of resentments, anger, jealousy, hatred, and envy toward each
other. This will open both of you to even greater respect for each

15. Be thankful for your mate’s KINDNESS.

16. Eliminate arguing totally. Anywhere, anytime, especially while eating
or in bed. Each person has a right to his or her own opinion. Respect
each other ideas, philosophy, and outlook on life. Be a great listener!

7. SMILE and LAUGH with each other. A prescription for aliveness and
health. Don’t take yourself or your mate too seriously. Lighten up
and laugh more often. Remember your smiles are true gifts to each

18. Look into each other’s EYES often. See the love, truth, and beauty in
your mate. The more you look into each other’s eyes lovingly
— the more you will love each other more deeply! Do this daily.
It’s very powerful and fun!

19. TOUCH each other TENDERLY every day. Hug. Kiss. Caress. These are
wonderful ways to show caring and love. We ALL need it. More than we care
to admit!

20. Develop a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Good food promotes a healthier state of
mind for a more meaningful relationship. Eat lots of fruits,
vegetables, whole wheat, grains, hi-fiber, and low-fat,
low-calorie foods. Drink more water. Get more rest. Keep yourself cleansed,
nourished, and balanced.

21. Keep your home, car, kitchen, closets, and rooms simple, neat, clean
and organized. This will help promote a tranquil setting for
greater peace and happiness in your lives. It really works!
22. Dress your best. Be appropriate, neat, clean, and proud of your
appearance. How you look, especially in public — enhances your
mate’s choice and appearance, too!

23. SHARE in Financial Matters. If you are married, communicate with each
other on all your finances. If you have a family
business, be sure both are informed on profits, losses, expenses,
etc. Set your financial priorities together. This will help to strengthen
your relationship, which is built on trust and sharing. Enjoy building
your financial future together. This is important.

24. ACCEPT each other TOTALLY. Exactly the way both of you are. Do not
try to change each other’s uniqueness. Allow your mate to change
if and when he or she desires. This promotes everlasting peace.
Say, “I LOVE YOU”. Daily, many times. Especially when you wake up and
before you go to sleep. Say it for the rest of your lives together.
Never ever take love for granted. Express it verbally as well as
with action. We all need to hear that magical phrase. It reaffirms how we
feel at that moment. So, fill your lives with millions of
moments of love by saying: “I love you.”