I used to hate dogs. I don’t find them cute and amusing not until I met foxie. She made my fear of dog disappear… she is sweet and really amusing. I learned to love her in the most unexpected way I can.  She is the family dog of my partner. It was given to them by a friend. She is so loved and used to stay at the room of my partner’s parents when she was younger to keep her from crying. She was awfully cute.  I remember looking forward to see her and play with her whenever we visit  her parents.  She is really adorable. She doesn’t smell like other dogs. In fact she always smells good and looks shiny. When she gave birth  the first time, the pups died even before we learned to love them. We were not aware the she was pregnant that time so she was not given enough prenatal stuffs during her pregnancy.  When she gave birth the second time, every one was excited. We can’t hide our happiness when we saw the 3 cute little babies she has. They were so tiny and very fragile. You can carry the puppies with your hands. They smell like a real baby and everyone want to touch them and feel them. They were so adorable. One of them was given away.  We ended up with two puppies and foxie. We named them Basti and Kenzo. I remember they were like snakes crawling when they were younger.  Kenzo used to stay with us in our bed. He loves to get in between us. Whenever you try to put him in his place he would go back and walk on your body just to get in between the two of us again. I have loved basti, kenzo and foxie the way I have never expected. So when they were given away yesterday, I was really crying my heart out. I didn’t want to give them away but who am I to stop  it. I am not living in my own home. This is not my place. I am really sad and I really miss them a lot.  I will always remember  and miss the times whenever I come home and you were there to welcome me with those smooch, the humping, the jumping asking ate to give you guys a rub in the tummy. I will miss you a lot basti and kenzo. Ate loves you so much.