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Red Mango

Whenever i see new food stalls in malls I get interested and I want to try what they are selling.

Me and my partner were window shopping in one f the malls in QC when we stumbled upon this kiosk-like stall. Their tables and store design attracted me. There are a lot of people lining up and that made me even more curious. I lined up and and read their menu, to my surprise they are selling frozen yogurt. I am a self-confessed yogurt addict. I love its taste though my mom always gets mad at me when I was young because she thinks yogurt are for people dieting. 

My partner is also a food lover but she’s afraid to try new  food  because she thinks that if it doesnt taste good it will be just a waste of money so I just bought a small one. It must be good or else I’ll get the face that tells me ” sabi ko sayo e”.  You also get to choose toppings for your yogurt. From fruits to nuts and to different kinds of sprinklers.  I immediately tasted it and I was not disappointed. I wish I bought the bigger  one. I let Dy taste the yogurt that I bought and I slowly noticed that she was already the one managing my cup. So there it is. She liked it.




On my birthday this year, my dear surprised me with a lunch at Yaki Mix with my family.  I didn’t know she secretly called them. Surprises are not her thing so the gesture made me cry.

We had Eat-all-you can at Yaki Mix MOA. The restaurant is spacious, there are couches available for you to sit comfortably. The restaurant has  Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes.  I personally loved their different kinds of meat. The installed griller on your table makes you feel like the food you are about to eat is healthy since it has no oil on it. 

My moms plate


my brothers




i love grilled food

Akala ng marami hindi ako mahilig kumain dahil ever since payat talaga ako. Pero ang hindi nila alam mahilig ako sa lahat ng klase ng pagkain. Madalas akong magbasa ng mga food blogs and reviews tungkol sa iba’t ibang restaurant at gustong gusto kong tikman ang lahat ng nababasa ko. I consider this resto as one of my favorite. Nabasa ko ito sa blog ni Anton Diaz and I found out na super lapit lang pala nito sa bahay nmin. It’s a hole in the wall resto. It’s a home converted into a restaurant. Its a li’l bit hidden pero napansin ko ang dami palaging tao. The place has its feel good and relaxing atmosphere. Walang dress code. You can go super casual as in shorts and sando. parang you are eating lang sa garden ng bahay mo ang dating pero superb ang lasa ng food and presentation. Isa lang ang ayaw ko sa knila, medyo mabagal yung service nila. Maybe ang dami na kasi palaging guests so nahihirapan na sila. Dati kse hindi naman ganon. I hope they can improve on their service though. Lime 88 is is located in Mandaluyong City, madali lang siyang hanapin from Mandaluyong City hall look for tapa king mga 3 blocks lang sya from there.
So far lahat ng na-order kong food sa kanila masarap and I think hindi ako magsasawa na bumalik-balik dito.
Mango Salad. A must try. Parang Thai vesrsion it’s tasty and it is really good.

Chicken something. With veggies and kesong puti. The chicken is a little bit dry for me kasi breast part sya. Pero for a non breast eater, this is good


Pork Kebab with Papadum and yogurt. Also good, tamang tama yung pagkakaluto and the papadum and yogurt adds up to make the dish looks authentic..

Street-style Barbeque – a more sosyal way of presenting the usual food we see on strets. best seller nila to. So you must try it.

Crispy Dinuguan, a nice version of crispy dinuguan pero parang ang konti ng serving but is good

Papadum- i am inlove with papadum or however they call these. Its crunchy and has an after taste that is so good.

I have been dying to share all our food adventures kaso wala akong time. Hopefully paunti-unti ma post ko sya 🙂 Plus peopel are keep tellign me i should post all my experiences in a blog.

Have you?

Have you ever wondered what makes love so great it last a lifetime?

Have you ever wondered why there are people who stay together for a long period of time and still not getting tired of each other?

Have you ever wondered why some people can live on love alone and others cannot?

Have you ever wondered what makes a strong relationship?

Have you ever wondered why some people think they are not boyfriend or girlfriend material?

Have you ever wondered why people thought they are not intelligent enough?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be famous?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live in a different era?

Have you ever wondered why two people can’t be the same?

Have you ever wondered why some people can be contented with simple things and simple life while others cannot?

Have you ever wondered why lights are so beautiful?

Have you ever wondered why you have favorites?

Have you ever wondered why time passes by so quickly?


Have you ever wished you can turn back time?

Have you ever wish you were out of this world?

Have you ever wish you were somebody else?

Have you ever wish you were younger?

Have you ever wish that you have all the time in the world?

Have you ever wish that there are cure everything>

Have you ever wish you can do all the things you want?



Have you ever loved?

Have you lost loved?


Why is there jealousy? Why are their uncontentement?

Have you ever wondered why people cheat? Why do people break heart?

Why are those so willing to love get it hurt in return?

Why are there lazy people?

Why are there careless people?

Why are there righteous people…



Have you ever thought that today might be your last day?

Have you ever thought that lifer is unfair?

Have  you ever thought of playing in the snow, knowing that you are on a tropical country?

Have you ever thought of being a star?

Have you ever thought of ideas?

Have you ever thought of if you will be a good parent or not?

Have you ever thought of being the president?

Have you ever thought of dancing gracefully?

Have you ever thought of making a difference?

Have you thought of what will make you happy? And after achieving it, will you be contented?


Dindy’s cousin gave birth last August 8, 2011

Welcome to the real world Augeith Dominic, all your lolas and titas are so happy.

A week after, my dear friend Rapunzel, also gave birth to Julian Raphael

I can’t wait to see you dear..