Whenever i see new food stalls in malls I get interested and I want to try what they are selling.

Me and my partner were window shopping in one f the malls in QC when we stumbled upon this kiosk-like stall. Their tables and store design attracted me. There are a lot of people lining up and that made me even more curious. I lined up and and read their menu, to my surprise they are selling frozen yogurt. I am a self-confessed yogurt addict. I love its taste though my mom always gets mad at me when I was young because she thinks yogurt are for people dieting. 

My partner is also a food lover but she’s afraid to try new  food  because she thinks that if it doesnt taste good it will be just a waste of money so I just bought a small one. It must be good or else I’ll get the face that tells me ” sabi ko sayo e”.  You also get to choose toppings for your yogurt. From fruits to nuts and to different kinds of sprinklers.  I immediately tasted it and I was not disappointed. I wish I bought the bigger  one. I let Dy taste the yogurt that I bought and I slowly noticed that she was already the one managing my cup. So there it is. She liked it.