I grew up waiting for Santa during Christmas eve. I always hanged my medium size specially made Christmas sock before I sleep. When I was younger I wonder why Santa doesn’t give the wishes that have written on my letter to him.  Instead he will give me candies and money. Good enough but I was hoping Ill open more gifts. Aside from my birthday, Christmas is one of my favorite occasions. People busy shopping everywhere, midnight sales, bazaars, reunions and parties all happen during this time.  The happy mood of everyone is so contagious you just want to be happy yourself.  You also get to it a lot of food not normally served during ordinary day and of course I get to have my material wish list.

  1.  A real vacation by the beach( Palawan or Bora) – I think I badly need to take a break
  2. Nikon Camera – I love taking picture
  3. IPAD or IPHONE – need I say more. I need a space where I can store the pictures I took J
  4. LV Speedy 30 with strap – I am a self confessed bag and shoe addict and I need this one.
  5. Lyto Camera – again, I love taking picture