Unlike any other girls, I do not crave for anything sweet. There are only few sweet foods that I wish to eat every now and then. I like Maltesser’ crispy malt and the chocolate part are just minimal. Milkha yogurt is also good, it is a combination of yogurt and chocolate so it’s not too sweet. I love dairy queen’s chocolate chip and Mc Donald’s’ mc flurry. I am also intoxicated by Nathaniel’s buko pandan. I also happen to be in love with Estrel’ s Caramel cake.

The cake for me looks ordinary, it has no catchy and excessive design it only has a dainty   flower  which I think is simple and elegant.  Some people wouldn’t like it because it’s too simple. I heard people saying that it looks like a cheap cake from a nearby bakeshop.


I do not know when was the first time I get to taste Estrel’s caramel cake but I had a glimpsed of it again when I was with my previous employer back in 2009.   If I didn’t know Estrel’s before and you would ask me if I like caramel cake sure I would say NO, this is because I would think that the cake would be very sweet imagining the same caramel in mars chocolate and snickers. The caramel in Estrel’s cake is think a mixture  of caramel and custard. Which is I think a very good combination.

I love Estrel’s caramel cake. It is smooth, creamy, rich in flavor and not too sweet.  I think it complements well with the light and fluffy chiffon cake.  There is also a thin layer of caramel filling in the middle layer of the cake which adds additional flavor. The caramel which covers the entire cake has the right thickness. Also, the cake has no preservatives so you need to consume it within the day you purchased it.  It is also made to order, I think they have some stuffs for walk in clients but it is only good while it last. It is particularly difficult to order during holiday season because they bake limited quantity so I suggest you order super ahead of time.

The cakes of Estrel’s can only be bought in 54 Scout Tobias corner Scout Limbaga streets Barangay Laging Handa Quezon City. Living in Mandaluyong, Quezon City is quite far from me so I really have to fi nd an alternative. I stumble upon a site where they reviews different cakes and Costa brava caramel cake is among the cakes being reviewed.

I ordered Costa Brava caramel cake for the 1st month of  Dindy’s nephew. I called their number and ordered a 9×7 cake. All their cakes are pre ordered   and you have to pick it up at 12 Polaris street Belair Makati City.  I was so excited to taste it. The reviews made me expect that it taste like Estrel’s.

The caramel cake of Costa Brava  looks almost the same as Estrel’s except that the icing decoration and the flower is noticeably smaller. It sure taste like Estrel’s but lighter and less tasty.  The caramel which covers the entire cake is thinner compared to Estrel’s. It’s a nice alternative but for me it  still won’t replace Estrel’s caramel cake.