I always found solace in good food. Not only it makes me full but I get to taste different dishes that open me to be more adventurous.
We recently tried Jatujak(Chatuchak) in MOA. I have been eyeing this restaurant for a long time and finally I get to taste it.
Jatujak the Restaurant serves Thai food with a Filipino touch. In Thailand there is a weekend market named Jatujak so maybe this is where the restaurant got its name.
The restaurant has thai products and stuffs used as decorative pieces. The food is delicious.

Curry Vegetable and Tofu
The curry is so good. You have the option make it mild or very hot.

Crispy Pork
The crispy pork really speaks for its name.
Tom Yum soup
So far, I think, the best tom yum soup.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant because of the superb food plus it’s not too pricey.