Long before the bubble milk tea craze started I was already a milk tea addict. My generation probably knows this tea store at the corner of Pedro Gil Street near Robinson’s Place Manila, Easyway. It is a store located near St. Paul, Manila. They serve blended ice drinks, milk teas and fruit juices with nago(nata de coco), sago and pudding. The last time I get to taste their tea was back in college. Some time ago, I saw this branch in Recto and out of excitement I bought one. Then slowly some branches disappeared and the rival of Easyway, which is still in the market today, suddenly became popular, Quickly. Like Easyway, Quickly serves the same type of drinks on their menu. Until now I wonder what happened to Easyway. I found one website about them but it has a different logo. Did they change it or is it the same store?That I don’t know.

Milk tea is a tea with a small amount of milk and today’s milk teas have gone bolder. Aside from pearls, you can also add many kinds of sinkers like pudding, nata, grass jelly, ice cream, cheese, coffee jelly and a lot more.There are way too many tea stores today. I haven’t really tried all of them, only the famous and the accessible ones.

Cha time

Cha time serves variety of drinks on their menu which is good. The stores that I have visited have a very nice interior. The motif is very cute and homey.


The store that I have visited looks normal to me. No special couches and tables.

Gong Cha

The ambiance is very similar to that of Serenitea, maybe because the stores I visited are all in the malls.

 Bubble tea

It has a restaurant type ambiance. The teas are slightly expensive than the other tea stores.


Not a good one in my opinion. For its quite expensive price I was expecting Gong cha, Serenitea or Cha Time level

 Happy Lemon

The store’s ambiance is okay. It’s above Serenite and Gong Cha’s ambiance. What I don’t like about the Greenhills branch is the dirty flooring.

Except for Teazzle I will definitely keep coming back to the mentioned tea stores. The choice would only be dependent on the accessibility and proximity to my location.