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Good Morning Singapore

March 24, 2008

It’s my 1st Monday here in Singapore…well unlike 7am in the Philiipines morning here is very different. Sun shines at 8am and it feels like it is only 6 am. Though there is no time difference between Singapore and the Philippines, things seem to be different here. Singapore indeed is  avery small country, they say you can travel from end to end in just one day. I like it here…it’s very clean and everyone is very disciplined. Everything seems to be in order. Just one thing, Singpore is  a multi-cultural  place. There’s Malay, Singaporean, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, American, given these races, I think you can now imagine how it smells here. … imagine your self being stir fried in a chinese seasoning with lots of onions and the like…well this is how it smells here, especially if you are on a train or a bus. The  smell would search the inner of your senses until you wither and die….hehehhe  Actually there is no escape here because you can actually  find them anywhere..Simply because you are in their country.Yesterday we went to IKEA  and it was my first time to ride in Singapore’s MRT .And it’s true..the smell would really search the innermost of your senses…good thing i managed to move  a little farther from the person next to me, if not i might die right there and then…